Other Stuff
This is a a page that just has random stuff on it. Some of it may be interesting other stuff may not. So feel free to browse at your own risk of being bored or interested. More stuff will come as I gather it to put on here.


Age Finder - This is so cool! I'm not going to give the secret away in this description so your just going to have to find out what this is by yourself.

The Perfect High - PG13 - This poem by Shel Silverstein is really great. I'm not a drugee but I still think this is a excelent poem. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Daily Requirments - This is a funny comic that gives a very great idea about love. I "love" this comic. (Pun intended) Thanx Jean!
Napolean Dynamite Soundboard - Lots fun although it takes a while to load (896kb)
DJ Page - This is a page about my DJing (although it's not done).
Wish List - This is my wish list so for all of y'all that want hints on what to get me, here you go.
Quizes! - This page contains quizes from different places and are great fun...well let's just say they pass the time. You can also do them for yourself.
Quotes - Quotes by me and others. Some good stuff here.
TV Look - A new look for the site!