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Ahren: lol
Ahren: it makes my brain ring
Ahren: and my heart sing
Ahren: to hear what was made bring
Ahren: creative inspiration
Ahren: to a media controlled nation
Devin: it’s got me tripping in amazement
Devin: this vocal creation
Devin: leads to inspiration
Devin: creating us who can be FREE despite the media nation, so full of hating...messages to try and trade us and degrade us and shunned and we can become whatever we want to…dancing to music that’s dope at power of hope
Ahren: we're coming out from the basements...
Devin: creating hip hop amazement
Ahren: yes
Devin: feel the beat of truth, its time to shine the light on the youth. Bring them forward and let them shine. Help them realize how each and every one of them is divine
Ahren: *feels intimidated, yet awed and inspired*
Devin: so true. Unsure of you. For the first time in my life, intimidation became inspiration and the room filled with light.
Ahren: you know it's the time, to come together, collaborate, celebrate.....together
Ahren: whatever the weather
Ahren: rain or shine
Devin: when she freestyled my mind went wild. Through intimidation... although I knew we were both a child of mother earth, father sky...trusting in each other
Devin: it’s all divine love
Devin: true love. Be love. To begin to see brothers and sisters with deep wishes
Ahren: for creating a better place on earth, to give birth to...
Ahren: self worth
Ahren: to make this verse well heard
Ahren: to make it so even hell could NOT
Ahren: break us down
Ahren: we need to listen to the sound
Ahren: of the new generation that has come together as one to create positivity
That’s power of hope

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