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Love the Guns (When They're in a Trash Heap)

  Are You Raving 4 Rave? CD Cover

This album is not currently on the market but should be available for purchase around the end of May 2006.

Thanks for your patience and support -DJ Ahren



Are you Raving 4 Rave?

  Are You Raving 4 Rave? CD Cover
  1. Intro
  2. Hardcore Emotions
  3. Questioning Sexuality
  4. Pump The Bass
  5. Arise, Stand Up
  6. Saweeet
  7. The Shiznit
  8. The Future
  9. The Native Way
  10. Natural Ecstasy
  11. Good Shit to Begin With
  12. I'm Like a Donkey!
  13. Grandma Rap v.2
  14. Looperstitious
  15. The Baldwin Brothers - Dream Girl (DJ Ahren Remix)

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