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Other Stuff
This is a a page that just has random stuff on it. Some of it may be interesting other stuff may not. So feel free to browse at your own risk of being bored or interested. More stuff will come as I gather it to put on here.

DJ Page - This is a page about my DJing (although it's not done).
Wish List - This is my wish list so for all of y'all that want hints on what to get me, here you go.
TV Look - A alternative look for the site!
Psycodelic Look - Take a trip back to the 70's on DJ Ahren.com
DJ Ahren Version 2

Old Site v.3 - View what the site looked like before this
Old Site v.2 - View what the site looked like before this

  Conscious Objector Profile - I am against war and violence and so i have started my CO profile and have worked on an oline version.