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DJ Ahren's "DJ Life"

I FINALLY DID IT!!! My dream ever since I was 10 has now been fulfilled! On May 6th, I DJed for my school's prom! It was very awesome, stressful, exciting, and tiresome altogether. Around a month ago it all started when I was asked to DJ for the prom. Of course I had never DJed before but I guess when you go around calling yourself a DJ people think you are one. I was very happy to be asked to do this although I had some hesitations. I didn't have good enough equipment, I don't have the music that I need, how do I know what song to play next, and the list goeson. Myprayer for music got answered when I found out that people would be providing music for me.

Once I had my music cover I still had a huge project of compiling request list. I thought that I would do it in Microsoft Excel but my mom thought that to be too tedious so she suggested a database which was a whole new learning curve for me. So basically I had to learn how to create and create a whole database within about one and a half weeks.
I now have a very cool database where I can easily create request lists on the fly.

I forgot to mention that Jeff a local DJ who has done over 300 gigs on Whidbey Island had been helping me all along by getting me familiar with the whole "DJ Scene" and introducing me to so much new music. Jeff also offered to rent me his lighting system so I asked my school and low and behold they were willing to foot the bill. All this time the date of May 6th, the date of the prom was rolling closer.

On the day of the prom I was at home getting ready. I would think of something to do, do it, then sit back down while fidgeting madly out of my excited/nervousness. this went on for what seemed like forever until the appointed time when my mom drove the car up to the house and we started loaded up the car with all my equipment and headed down the road to Bayview Cash Store, where the prom would be held. I grabbed some equipment and walked into the building where I was greeted with a shout of "Ahren!" and a big hug from Shannon, one of my fellow students and the organizer of the prom (she did an amazing job, Thank You, Shannon!). I worked setting up until about 6:30 when my mom and Randy came to have dinner with me.

We ate at the Smiling Dog located just down stairs of the Front Room where the prom was being held. I decided what I was going to eat but I just couldn't sit still so I went back upstairs and fidgeted up there by my "DJ setup" for ten minutes. I then went back downstairs and was about to go back up again when the food came. I tried eating but I could barely take a bite. It was the n when I figured out that I was the most stressed out that I had ever been in my entire life. By the time I had sat there for about 5 minutes doing nothing it was time to go upstairs and face the dance floor.

The prom was so fun that I could not describe it with words so I have some pictures and a movie to do so. As the night went on another one of my questions got answered, there is no way to figure out what song I should play next, it just comes naturally.

After the Prom I was asked for a business card, this being my first time I had none, so I have made 4 kinds of business cards up but I need your opinion on which you like the most.

If you were there for the Prom or BBQ/10th year anniversary please fill out DJ Ahren's Survey


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