Ahren's Wish List

Until Ahren's birthday.

Importance Key
1 I don't really need this
2 Could wait
3 It would be fun to have this but I don't really need it
4 I need it but not urgently
5 I really, really,, really.............really, need/want this
6 I will die if I don't have this


CD Sleeves, 100 Pack

Company CD Technology

Description Paper Cd Cases

Price (in US$) 8.44

Website http://www.compusa.com/products/produc

Catagory Computer

Importance 4

Name 100 Pack CD-R Spindle

Company Any


Price (in US$) 020-050


Catagory Computer

Importance 4

Name 2 Agressors

Company American DJ

Description Lighting Effect

Price (in US$) 129.99 each

Website http://pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?waGroup1datarq=aggr

Catagory DJing

Importance 4

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