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These two poems I wrote when I went to Earth Arts (part of Power of Hope). We were supposed to choose 3 words from a board full of words that we had brainstormed.

For this first one I chose “Ignite, peaceful, and tranquility”

Love is love
I don’t know why
Peaceful tranquility is wonderful
It is the dream of life
Not strife
It’s what we strive for
Because it is to die 4
3 2 1 you life is over, done complete
What did you do with it?
What standard of yours did you meet?
Did you ignite your personal fire?

For the second one I chose “Homophobia” – referring to a thing we don’t like about hip hop.

Homophobia, wrong, Why?
Disrespect towards another for being different.
Homosexuality is only love.
Homophobia has to then be hate.
Talk about haters
Don’t be a faker
Cause your afraid to
Show your true self
Fear of discrimination is illogical
Know your true friends who won’t discriminate
Generate hate,
We need to contemplate
The solution
To this intrusion
On love

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