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A Horse Ride at Sunset


Northwest Equine Outfitters

I noticed that many people searched for Horseriding on Cannon Beach
so here's a link to the place we went horseriding.

This summer I went to Cannon Beach, Oregon. No, this is not just a beach in Oregon, but a very nice town. Well, whether town or beach it doesn't matter because I went there; I and my godfather Jim, that is.

We checked into our suite and settled in. We ate cheese, mustard, mayo, ham, and burger bun sandwiches while driving to the horse corral where we would ride horses on the beach until sunset. It was my first time horse riding, no matter what kind. We waited around for about 45 minutes petting the many beautiful horses including a couple of foals. They were even more beautiful, trotting along calmly in the sunset, light glinting off their backs. We trotted along for awhile until the sun was a golden to red mass that filled the western sky. The people to the west of me were silhouetted on their horses by the sun and by the sea with the sun now reflected off it, each wave like a rolling, shimmering jewel until it rolled to the shore where it shattered into millions of white particles, then was retracted to its shining owner, the sea.

Jim and I both enjoyed the ride, other than very sore spots on our lower regions. However the sunset was, unlike any other, the first I had seen, looking out over a seemingly endless sea.

To see pictures from the trip click Here

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