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Note: Instant messanger freestyling!

I'm so spacey right now
it's like a kite wow
It’s really tight how
we can rhyme about
anything we want to
the words can be sought through
you could even rock to
if there was a beat up in this crock pot too
you say you can't rhyme
Well I say that's just fine
You’re a wonderful person
with beautiful mind
U care about people
and issues that matter
I’d say your mind power
is better than my vocal spatter
i work better when tired
my brain is un wired
my inner critic got fired
and my lyrics got hired
oh yes
this isht is a mess
there a cat dead on the floor
and a tranvestite in a dress
the next thing you know
dad'll comit incest
and this sin fest
will become unblessed

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