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The World’s Tears

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Come again another day
But I still kinda like you
And I want you to stay
when your wetness
Sprays and splashes
Drops of water fall
On my eyelashes

And as I catch this
Rain in my left hand
I feel something about this
That is so grand
But fragile and sensitive
At the same time
Firm, but breakable
Like a glass for wine

But it is all water
Unformed and fresh
This H2O substance
It can put you to rest
It is the best
Feeling I have had
Running through the rain with wet flesh
But is the sky sad?

Is the rain falling
The world’s tears?
While it washes away
All of my fears
Yet, the rain brings me down
And the sun gives me cheer
Has this world been crying
After all of these years?

Have we not taken notice
To this world’s pain?
We drive pollution factories
And expect the world to stay sane
I would cry
If I was the world
After abuse like this
You’d cry, wouldn’t you?

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